I had the opportunity to work with Dave Odegard in 2015. Dave exemplifies the definition of hard work. Whether it’s managing, mentoring or editing, he is always at the top of his game. Dave is a true asset to the world of online journalism.

– Bobby Pollier, Managing Editor at Claire Entertainment


“Dave Odegard’s work is superb. As my associate editor at Made Possible, a multi-platform media outlet for young men, he’s played a vital role in forming new content and maintaining various editorial channels, as well as helping create a forward-thinking editorial vision. He’s an original and innovative thinker, talented writer, crack reporter, and strong line editor. He’s also a pleasure to work with, organized, and has both the sought-after skill of a creative, big picture thinker as well as a strong editorial manager with an eye for the details. He’d make a great asset to both print and digital publishing teams”

– Lynne Sanford Schur, Chief Editor of Made Possible

“Dave built Daily Lounge’s editorial from the ground up. He researched, recommended and implemented the CMS we are using. He hired and managed a team of contributors, edited, did rewrites and oversaw the implementation of our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest presence. He established our editorial voice…All of this was done with few resources and little or no expenditures except for the team he pulled together. Dave was charged with managing the budget and he never exceeded it.

Dave’s expertise was instrumental in our growth and while he took direction and translated it into action he gave his opinion and didn’t need motivation. His advice was solid. I cannot say enough about his skills and efforts but I will say that I wish I weren’t writing this letter.”

– Rob Floyd, President of Circle F Media

“Working with Dave over the last year or so has been an absolute pleasure. He’s reliable, hard-working, and above all, talented. I’ll miss having him on my freelance team.”

– Angela Bunt, TBA Blog Editor at SeatGeek

“Dave’s the best writer, editor, whatever in the entire world.”

-Dave’s Mother



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